Outback Helpers Scheme

A helping hand
is on the way

We have many people on stations who are desperately seeking assistance

“We have many people on stations who are desperately seeking carpenters, painters mechanics, handy persons, gardeners, cooks, child minders, surrogate grandmothers/fathers etc ect”

People, who wish to visit, will be expected to pitch in and help, as it is not a 'free holiday stay' scheme.  Remember, though, this is your holiday, so leave yourselves time for recreation, sightseeing, reading a book, whatever.

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The Outback Helpers Scheme forum is a place for outback travellers and station owners to make suggestions on the scheme and talk about their adventures. It is a tool to bring communities together, and any mis-use or profanities will be moderated.

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We look forward to hearing about your adventures!

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