Outback Helpers Scheme

A helping hand
is on the way

We have many people on stations who are desperately seeking assistance

“We have many people on stations who are desperately seeking carpenters, painters mechanics, handy persons, gardeners, cooks, child minders, surrogate grandmothers/fathers etc ect”

People, who wish to visit, will be expected to pitch in and help, as it is not a 'free holiday stay' scheme.  Remember, though, this is your holiday, so leave yourselves time for recreation, sightseeing, reading a book, whatever.

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Learn more about the hosts of the Outback Helpers Scheme:

Jenny and husband Greg


Greg and Jenny have spent most of their lives on properties around Western Australia but have lived at Mt Clere (a cattle station in the Upper Gascoyne area) for 16 years.

We have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. Along with the help of 1 son (3 having left and one at boarding school) we do most of the work ... And that is a considerable amount!

It is a lifestyle we love but it is generally hard work and doesn't leave time for those other small (and some bigger) jobs that need doing. The list is endless - so this was my driving force behind setting up the Outback Helpers Scheme. And it was no surprise to discover along the way some truly wonderful people we have had the pleasure of hosting over the years. These people have been a huge help to us and the source of some interesting times and conversations.


Ted and Jean  have always lived in or near Mount Gambier in South Australia but love to travel and have done so for some 25 years. Knowing that there was a great need in the rural or remote areas of this great country we became Outback Helpers some 11 or more years ago and have really enjoyed being able to travel but at the same time being able to lend a hand on various properties along the way.  Mid to late 2008 we were asked to jointly help run Outback Helpers and seeings its something we really believe in we jumped at the chance.  

Ted is now retired but seems to be busier than ever -  and I have so many interests that there are never enough hours in the day.  We have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren.

Ted and Jean